Chaputs story began many years ago. It travelled with Yoruks from the Central Asia and settled in the fertile lands of Anatolia. At times, it was used as clothing, at other times it was tied on tree branches to make wishes come true. It was carried by all in the clothes or wishes with its popularity. It engrained itself in the Anatolian motifs. There was Caput before machines were invented and while fashion was all handcrafted . Those are the times when fashion was all about taking good care of what you’ve got.

Caput is the kind of fabric that tells you the story in its every loop. All we can do is to present it a stage to hear its stories and we name it as Chaputs!

Just like in old times, each Chaputs is produced in the villages by women using the original setups and making each loop tell us an untold story of Anatolia to listen to these stories.

We invite you to follow this ageless fashion.

Welcome to Chaputs !!!